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Do you want your technology to work as hard as you at making your business profitable?  Are you ready to make technology work for you and enhance you mission and bottom line?  Are you ready to make Technology Delicious again?  Then let us help you!

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Just does great work. He was always attentive to my needs, and looked out for my business.

Richard Getz

Owner, Getz Pro

Each time I contact Yum Technology they really take care of my office.

Dr. Thomas Markle, DDS

Owner, Beachwalk Dental Center

Yum Technology provides amazing solutions.

Andrew Montgomery

Justin Roysdon

Justin Roysdon

Founder, President, CEO

Yum Technology, Inc. was born out of a desire to make technology friendly, available, and supportive to businesses and government agencies.  Justin Roysdon founded Yum Technology, Inc. with a desire to help businesses utilize technology to enhance their business.  Instead of endless frustration and expenses, Justin believes Information Technology is suppose to increase productivity and enable businesses achieve more.  Justin assembled his first computer when he was three years old, and could be considered the “computer whisperer” because of how easily he makes computers perform like they were designed.  After many years building computers, servers, and other devices Justin served 10 years in the U.S. Navy as an Information Systems Technician.  Justin worked on some of the most sensitive and mission critical networks the Navy has to offer and built an excellent reputation for solving problems and keeping technology working.

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