Yum Tech = Your Local Resource

Welcome Dentists and Dental Office Staff.  Yum Technology wants to be a local resource supporting your success.  We are a small business, and we want to see other small businesses succeed.  How may we help you with your IT systems?  Do you have questions?  We are here to help.  We sell services and products, but more importantly we want to provide your business with tools and resources to succeed!  Read more…

Open Dental… is it right for you?

      We love open source solutions for several reasons.  First, they tend to be more stable and have better support.  Second, they are usually less expensive than proprietary solutions.  One of those solutions is Open Dental.  It can replace Dental Office software like Dentrix and others at significantly reduced cost.  The Open Dental support team is also top notch and very knowledgeable.  Lower cost and excellent service, what’s not to love?  Read more..

Lower Fees

Open Dental currently charges $159 per month.  Monthly fees drop to only $99 per month after the first year.  That includes free updates to new versions and telephone support.  Open Dental does NOT charge for Bridges.

Open Dental Chart screen capture

Free Training Webinars

Have staff train for free using the online webinars.

Open Dental Solutions

Click on the images above to download a PDF file of our installation packages.  Pick the best solution for your office.  Give us a call if you have any questions or want assistance.

Basic Installation

  • Office computer and network inspection report ($500)
  • Open Dental Conversion Coordination with Open Dental (3-4 hours)
  • Open Dental Database Conversion Fee ($700)
  • Install Open Dental Server software on one system
  • Install Open Dental Client software on 5 systems (additional $50)
  • Place an order by making a down payment of 50%

Elite Installation

  • Includes all Basic & Advanced Installation items
  • Installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) with 1 year subscription to Red Hat Support (instead of CentOS)
  • Installation of Open Dental client on 2 additional computers (6 total)
  • Additional 2 hours on-site installation and support (8 hours total)
  • Place an order by making a down payment of 50%